Feb 26, 2024 - As part of its Go Boston 2023 transportation initiative the City of Boston is collecting feedback on transit projects including the Green Line Extension to Hyde Square.  The deadline for providing feedback is February 29, 2024.  Click here for instructions on how to provide feedback.

Feb 26, 2024 - The Governor’s new task force is considering a long-term plan for making the T solvent. One solution-- lift the Big Dig financial burden. See this Banker & Tradesman editorial.

Jan 15, 2024 - While the City of Boston undertakes its Squares and Streets initiative, several cities across the U.S. are relying on “Transit-Oriented Development” (TOD) to achieve similar goals. Click here for a journal article by our chair that explains the TOD movement and its implementation in the U.S.

Oct 20, 2023 - Mayor Wu and Jamaica Plain state legislators write to state officials requesting feasibility study funds for Hyde Square Green Line extension.  Click here to see the letter.

Feb 7, 2023 - The Angell Animal Medical Center joins the list of organizations supporting the extension. See letter of support here