Why extend the Green Line to Hyde Square?

Extension of the line to Hyde Square will connect Hyde Square and adjacent neighborhoods directly to the central subway. It will provide no-transfer public transit to and from Park Street Station and Government Center for the increasing number of residents on South Huntington Avenue and in adjoining neighborhoods. The extension will also provide a more reliable, comfortable ride than the Route 39 bus, and relieve excessive rush hour crowding on the 39.

How long is the extension and what is the route?

The extension from the current last stop at Heath Street/VA to the Hyde Square neighborhood is approximately 0.65 miles. The streetcar will travel along South Huntington Avenue to Hyde Square/Canary Square with a likely intermediate stop at Bynner/Perkins streets.

Will the extension follow “complete streets” guidelines?

Yes. We envision a segregated cycle lane on each side of South Huntington Avenue built between the sidewalk and the parking lane; intersection bump-outs, signage, and benches for pedestrians; and where traffic signals exist, pedestrian and cyclist signal sequences. We also propose sheltered accessible transit stops with fare vending machines and passenger amenities. More information about “complete streets” can be found here.

What suggestions have been offered for a Hyde Square terminus?

There are several possible options for a terminus. The South Huntington Avenue option at the intersection of Moraine and Centre streets is the simplest and likely least expensive. It would have a boarding platform in the middle of the avenue with tracks on either side of the platform.

What public officials support the extension?

They include State Representative Nika Elugardo, State Senator Sonia Chang Diaz, and District City Councilor Kendra Hicks. The extension is also supported by the City of Boston Transportation Department; it is included in the City’s Go Boston 2030 Plan.

What Jamaica Plain organizations and institutions support the extension?

The extension is supported by the following: The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, The Hyde Square Task Force, The Jamaica Pond Association, Sherrill House, Mount Pleasant Home, AstraZeneca Hope Lodge, Eden Properties (the Brynx development), and a coalition of Hyde Square merchants.

How much will the extension cost?

Based on an informal cost analysis of other new streetcar projects in the United States (including Omaha, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Washington DC), the overall cost estimate for the 0.65 mile extension from Heath/VA to Hyde Square ranges roughly between $50 and $60 million in 2021 dollars. The cost includes laying track, installing catenary, constructing three station stops, supplementing the current Green Line fleet with two new streetcars, design, soft costs, and contingencies. In addition, designing and building the “complete streets” component of the project would likely cost about $2.5 million.

What neighborhoods will benefit from the extension and how will they benefit?

The extension will benefit residents in the northernmost neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain. These include Pondside abutting the length of South Huntington Avenue, the Boylston Street neighborhood, and the Centre Street neighborhood surrounding the Mary Curley School. Most importantly, it will serve the Hyde Square neighborhood, which has been designated Boston’s “Latin Quarter“ by the Boston City Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The extension will provide a direct single-seat ride connecting Hyde Square to the central subway, promoting the square as a destination for many throughout the metropolitan area with its unique shopping and dining experiences.

How will the new E-line Hyde Square extension be integrated with the rest of the Green Line system, and will there be a connection to the new Green Line extension into Somerville?

The Green Line extension from the current Heath Street terminus to Hyde Square will become an integral part of the overall Green Line system. It will put Hyde Square on the MBTA system map as a destination. Later this year, when the Somerville extension opens for service, the MBTA plans to run the E-line from Medford/Tufts through downtown Boston to the current Heath Street terminus. So it is expected that once the Hyde Square extension is completed, service from Somerville will continue on to Hyde Square.

What will fares cost on the new extension?

Fares on the Green Line extension to Hyde Square will be consistent with the fares that are currently collected on the Green Line and the subway system generally.