The Green Line Extension from Heath Street to Hyde Square Jamaica Plain

The Green Line Hyde Square extension is part of a wider public transit vision for the Boston region.

South Huntington Avenue Development Corridor

It not only serves the Hyde Square neighborhood, but the extension would also complement the “South Huntington Framework for Future Development” launched in 2013 by the Boston Planning and Redevelopment Agency (BPDA). Read BPDA’s Framework Here (at pg. 33)

Go Boston 2030 and MASSDOT Focus 2040

Further, the extension has been incorporated in both the proposed “Go Boston 2030” initiative Read the 2030 initiative here (at pg. 162) and MASSDOT’s “Focus 40” initiative Read the 2040 initiative here (at pg. 45). Overall, benefits of the extension to residents, merchants, and institutions are many.

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What is Hyde Square? Boston's Latin Quarter.

Over the past 60 years, waves of immigrants from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Central and South America have landed in the Hyde-Jackson neighborhood of Jamaica Plain seeking new opportunities. But over the past 25 years the Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF) has taken the lead in a mobilization to transform this neighborhood into a bustling business and cultural district. In Boston’s Latin Quarter one finds crowded Dominican barbershops, a variety of Latin cuisine, Whole Foods, corner bodegas, and restaurants catering to the foodie demographic, while cars cruise by blasting the latest Bachata hit song. The diversity of businesses demonstrate both the Latino roots of the neighborhood as well as the more recent influx of young professionals/families, hipsters and artists. With a wide range of incomes, races and ethnicities, the Hyde Jackson neighborhood has been described as one of Boston’s most diverse communities.

Why Extend the Green Line from Heath Street to Hyde Square?